Strip & Seal in Runcorn

Strip & Seal is an indistinguishable concept from painting the walls to keep up the look and shine of the surface. We use this process when the vinyl flooring has had its protective sealing coat gets wound up due to heavy load and the vinyl flooring looks old tired and the color has nearly vanished. We need to bring back the freshness and like new condition. That can be accomplished utilizing proficient techniques and gear. The main phase of this procedure is to clear all tidy and coarseness off the floor and make a spotless situation to work in. Next we apply an uncommon synthetic and with the utilization of a revolving cleaning machine we evacuate the old layers of sealer from the vinyl flooring. This “grime” which is the buildup from the stripper and the water we use to clean it as we go is expelled utilizing either a compact water extraction machine or a truck mounted water extraction machine. The final product is a vinyl floor which is totally dry and stripped back to its unique vinyl state. After this we apply the sealer, we utilize at least three coats and between each coat we need to sit tight for the sealer to wind up totally dry. The vinyl floor can be strolled upon ordinarily a couple of hours after the last coat has dried however the sealer achieves it hardest 24-48 hrs in the wake of drying. We suggest the more you can remain off it the better. When this procedure has been finished the vinyl flooring looks like new once more, brilliant and vivid and appears to “lift” the room. You will be astounded at the outcomes.

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